I am constantly on the go. (oh really! you can relate? shocker.)

Even my relationship is constantly on the go, with strategically planned drop-ins and late night drinks where we hash out work ideas and decompress just in time to tumble into bed.

In particular my mornings are planned and rehearsed with yoga, meditation and breakfast. (that’s what I get for being a health coach) But something kind of mindblowing happened a few days ago after a particularly nice early morning love-sesh.

I did absolutely nothing. I could barely move, speaking was a non-essential and I just laid there. It was blustery and cold outside but the sun was bright and we opened the curtains so the light came into our bedroom and we just curled up like cats in the warm sunny spot on our bed. I almost get cats now. (still will never be a cat person)

I just took 20 minutes to BASK.

When I’m working with clients and things are stressful and frustrating, I give them a fantastic morning routine to help stabilize the crazy and help them slow down and stop focusing on what is wrong. But I think sometimes we could use the reminder to slow down when things are going right.

Appreciate the win. 

Life moves at such a stupid-fast pace that we only slow down when things are spinning out of control. Our minds are focused on the next thing; the next email coming in, the next work project, the next KPI, the next boyfriend, the next Tinder profile, the next, the next…

I think there is a way of breaking that cycle: Slow the fuck down.

Don’t wait until you snap. Do it every time something goes well. You do something great, you meet someone cool, you keep your job for another day. These are wins! Celebrate them by living your life more awesomely.

But slowing down is a conscious decision, unless you’re in a blissed out state of post-coital basking. Which I recommend as a backup plan.

Here are the things I have started doing to slow down and bask in the mornings:

Do Nothing

The reason we move so quickly is because of the sheer number of THINGS we need to do in a very limited stretch of time. Make the conscious decision to do less. Take the hacksaw to your to-do list and add basking as a new hobby that you need to dedicate 90 minutes to 3days a week.

Take a Walk

Your perspective on the world is different after walking around. Nature makes us take in deeper breathes and take a closer look at what is going on around us. Walking in a city can remind you of how interconnected the world is and how we fit into this giant web of human awesomeness. Don’t always put on headphones and run with tunnel vision. Walk slowly and take it in, talk to people and feel what’s going on around you. Reconnect to the world yo.


You know you’re in full bask-mode when you don’t stop every 10 seconds to check your phone. This is heaven. Leave your phone at home every once in a while. Don’t bring your computer home with you for a night. The world will not stop. The world will wait.


….with people. This is a great thing to do while you are disconnected from your devices and computer. Spend BETTER time with the people you care about. Stop by their house and talk to them in person. I know, real life can be scary – but be a good friend and show up for people. Really listen to what they have to say.


…at anything. Get your device back out and watch stupid youtube videos. (cue sad dog diary) Lighten up. Your TPS reports will be there after you get a smile on your face. The scientific benefits of smiling and laughter far have been proven. So stop and smile.


My favorite moment during morning sex is that moment of basking when all you hear are 2 hearts pounding and 2 people breathing together. It’s frigging beautiful. Keep your breathe strong and connected. Remember how it feels to breathe that deeply into your belly. Keep doing that. Forever.

Breathe and bask. Breathe and bask.