Let me say one thing before I go into a “review” of this app.

Paranoia and Jealousy are the 2 biggest walls between you and emotional happiness. 

Did you know that my ex-boyfriend slept with someone two weeks ago and she thinks he is #almosttooperfect….?

Now I do.

Thanks Lulu app!  This new-ish is touted as an app for girls to anonymously rate dudes based on personality, kissing skills and sex (duh.)

Besides the fact that this app is creepy (it immediately pulls up all your guy facebook friends and their ratings and reviews.)

All of a sudden you are literally face-to-face with every piece of information you DIDN’T want to know about your old boyfriends and flings.

The premise of the app is lovely, that girls can chat about their experiences and get real time feedback on potential dates.

And that is awesome. I actually found it really helpful. I realized some of the guys I think are wonderful and super handsome are also an 8.9 in the sack and have #husbandmaterial written all over them.

Wait… aren’t those things I should find out on my own?

Anyway, it’s sweet, the UI is fantastic and so far the reviews are kind and generous. (seriously, of the women who rated some of my exes, generous is a drastic overstatement)

But at the end of the day, this app is a huge temptation for those who struggle to move on in relationships.

Just another reason why I never facebook ex lovers.

Get more info on the app HERE – I’m too lazy to do a proper review tonight.

lovelovelove you all!

Here’s a screengrab of my friends – if you want to know what you’re rated – let me know! Because I believe in transparency.

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