Friday night is when we break free from the constraints of Corporate America (or whatever job you have) and we’re free to run wild – chasing our desires. There are no rules – no schedules and no one telling you what to do. You’re free and it’s beautiful!

But without these schedules, rules and accountability, we often go a little too wild, and your diet and healthy lifestyle are often the first things to suffer.

Here are 5 tips to avoid the Friday mistakes that ruin our Saturday and our health streak.

healthy weekend

5pm. Celebrate in moderation

It’s happy hour and you’ve worked this work to earn the title of Happy-hourer. (if that’s a thing?)

But don’t get out of control. Cheap beer and cocktails can be the beginning of the end for a short and unproductive Friday night, and a full-on hangover tomorrow morning. Try ordering a single beverage that you can really enjoy. Surround yourself with great friends and the happiness will take care of itself.

7pm. Cook in

Cooking with company or your significant other is an amazing way to wind down on a Friday night. Turn up the music and pour yourself a moderately sized glass of wine. Agree not to talk about work and if that means not saying anything at all – turn the music up more and dance! A large and healthy meal cooked at your home instead of in a frylator will set your weekend up for healthy success.

9pm. Dance

Get out and be social. But before you hunker in at your favorite bar and start guzzling beers, consider getting your friends together and hitting a dance spot. Dancing is a great way to shed stress and loosen your muscles after sitting at a desk all week long. Reject the idea that you need booze to help you dance better. You don’t. Dance without hesitation and no one will question your moves.

12am. Set realistic Saturday am goals

If you’ve missed your 6am spin class every Saturday, consider the 8am class. Or set out clothes for hiking or running where you won’t be tethered to a class start time. Make time during the day for exercise or meditation, but remove the unrealistic expectations that might leave you self-doubting or disappointed.

1am. Drink Water

You screwed up. Forgive yourself. And drink a few glasses of water before bed.