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It’s been a really interesting week. I’ve spent time with some of the most amazing men and women,  and I’ve also had some of the most bizarre encounters with men and women. In both the best and worst social situations, I have started to realize the power of a fucking awesome compliment. The one thing I’ve learned is that when people are willing to open themselves up and give honest compliments with absolutely no expectation of getting anything in return, they often get exactly what they wanted.

What a concept, I know.

So as fall settles in and we start the hunt for someone to keep us warm on those long wintery Maine nights, consider using a great compliment at the end of an interesting conversation instead of a pick-up line. Or, if you are in a relationship that needs a little reboot, slide one of these compliments into conversation and reignite some Hugh-Grant-style passion. Even better, use this with a friend or a friend-of-a-friend and see how a great friendship can morph into something more.


“I’m so impressed by how you handled that situation.”

We see people dealing with weird situations every day. Instead of simply stating “that was really crappy, that thing that just happened to you,” acknowledge the person’s awesomeness in dealing with the weird situation. It creates a great connection instead of a pity party.

“My friends love spending time with you.”

Getting your partner’s friends approval is not an easy task. This is a great compliment for your current lover. But also, if you’re not officially in a relationship, it can be a green flag that she’s gotten the stamp of approval from the peanut gallery and that the potential for a real-deal relationship is on your mind.

“I really respect your opinion.”

This says not only “I like you,” but more importantly, “I am listening to you,” which is surprisingly rare in many relationships.

“You’re such a great son/daughter/sister/brother.”

We all struggle with our relationships with family. When our partner says this, it means that they know your family is crazy and they like you anyway. It will subtly relax a lot of tensions between partners and families.

“You’re so great at doing that thing you do.”

We spend a lot of time investing in our job, hobbies and skills. It’s nice to be recognized for our mad talents instead of just our stunning good looks.

“You make me feel so comfortable.”

Security and safety are the foundation of any good relationship. This is a sweet way of implying we trust our partner without getting all psycho-analytical on them.

“You have such good taste in ___.”

Money issues cause enormous rifts in relationships. To acknowledge good taste not only makes your partner smile, it also says, “I don’t really mind that you spent $300 dollars on that purse because I love you.”

“I love the way you look when you’re _____.”

Cooking…singing karaoke…mowing the lawn. This says “You don’t need to try that hard to turn me on, you just need to show up and do what you like.” Awwww.

“I’m having fun here, but I can’t wait to be alone with you.”

Even the best couples struggle to balance their couple time with social time. Sometimes you get so caught up in the happy hours, networking events and girls nights that you forget to spend time snuggling and playing shmoopyshmoopy.

“You’re hilarious.”

Everyone thinks they’re funny. If you find someone who agrees with you, lock that down.